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When and Where
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  • Thursday, July 14, 2022
  • 12:00 pm- 1:00 pm (CT)
  • NextUp Texas Zoom
  • Courtney Nelson and Kalindi Cordero
  • courtney.nelson@o9solutions.com
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Bonita Owens, Certified Professional Coach and Leadership Facilitator is speaking at "Leading with the Power of No: How to Set Healthy Boundaries with Confidence "

Many of us were not taught to say, "No." We were taught that saying, "No" is negative or it is not nice. Because of this, many women find themselves saying, "Yes" to things that they don't agree with simply because they feel that it is what is expected. One of the most important skills in leadership is the ability to speak your truth with confidence. Sometimes it requires saying, "No." Bonita will discuss why most women have challenges with the word, and she will show you how to overcome those challenges. Hint: It is all about conditioning. You will learn how to break the mold and start to say, "No" without feeling guilty, so that you can lead with more confidence. This will be an interactive virtual experience.

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